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December 6, 2022

Last-minute Christmas gift ideas

By Alabama Golf News staff
Holiday golf gift ideas Photo by John Round via Flickr 2018

Choice of clubs, balls and apparel gifts

Time is running short to grab those last-minute Christmas gifts for yourself or another golfer. Check out these apparel and equipment gift ideas before it’s too late.


Radmor hoodieRADMOR was founded and is based in Seattle. That means you can be sure the upstart, sustainability-focused brand is all about tackling the elements. The Fall/Winter line features several new cool- and cold-weather pieces for doing battle with wind, rain, and sleet.

For maximum protection and warmth, layer the Radmerino BobRad Cashmere Blend Hoodie ($225) with the Anderson Hybrid Performance Vest Multi Camo ($175). This pairing will keep you plenty toasty on the course, and RADMOR’s extended range of motion stitching ensures you’ll continue swinging freely.

For slightly warmer but wet weather, pair the weather-resistant Moscrip Jacket ($225) with a Higgins Hoodie ($125) made from a proprietary blend of BCI Organic Cotton and Elastane. This combo will do you right amid temps in the mid to low 40s.

TRUE linkswear

True Links shoesA golfer is only as warm as his or her feet. Tacoma, Washington-based TRUE linkswear is the category leader in waterproof and water-resistant performance golf footwear. TRUE’s testing ground is the Pacific Northwest and its co-founder is Ryan Moore, an accomplished PGA TOUR player.

TRUE’s go-to, all-weather offering is the Original 1.2 ($170), which delivers a distinctive minimalist fit, wide toe box and zero-drop experience. Naturally enhancing comfort and engineered for walking, the 1.2s were designed for 36-hole-days in four-season climates.

TRUE just released its all-new All Day Pants line, featuring the All Day Chino and All Day Five-Pocket editions, both retailing for $125. They are water-resistant, warm but breathable and boast four-way stretch mobility.


Both RADMOR and TRUE are big on cold-weather apparel accessories. After all, pants, hoodies, jackets and vests are just half the battle (well, maybe a bit more than half). Topping the list of accessory gift ideas are RADMOR’s all-cotton RADSOCKs ($36), which are mindfully made from a combo of cellulose, recycled nylon and elastane.

TRUE’s Wool Stitched Dead Golfer Beanie ($40) keeps that all-important head warm as you play. And for golfers on a budget, or those who just want to source some killer deals, don’t forget to check out TRUE’s new Second Chance Footwear.

OnCore Golf 2022 ELIXR + VERO X2

Vero-x2 golf ballThe 2022 ELIXR from OnCore provides golfers with perimeter weighting for greater accuracy and reduced side spin off the driver. A unique polybutadiene core delivers an outstanding coefficient of restitution (CoR) for higher ball speed, resulting in more carry and roll. A slightly firmer cover with a 350-dimple pattern and mid-compression rating (85) delivers a pure feel off the clubface and gives the ELIXR superior greenside control, durability and unmatched performance in its category.

Thosse shopping for gift ideas for golfers with high swing speeds should also check out the brand-new VERO X2, dropping this fall. This four-piece Tour-level offering is a follow-up to the wildly popular VERO X1, which topped several big names in launch monitor and on-course testing.

MSRP: $29.99 per dozen (ELIXR), $50 (VERO X2), Website:

Cleveland CBX Zipcore

The CBX Zipcore is a cavity-back wedge that offers many of the same benefits of a player-improvement iron. Its decidedly larger profile delivers a high level of comfort as golfers set up for full, pitch and chip shots. The club’s ultra-wide sole helps the clubhead slide through the grass and reduces both chunks and skulls, according to Cleveland.

MSRP: $149.99 – $159.99, Website:

Sun Mountain Pushcarts

Sun Mountain’s PX3 and PX4 pushcarts have made a big splash with members of #pushcartmafia. Offering improvements on the company’s past Pathfinder models, PX3 and PX4 feature advancements like a new handle and accessory tray while retaining the main benefits of smaller folded size and easy opening.

Both models include a continuous handle for pushing with one hand, an accessory console, a mobile phone holder with a slot for a charging plug, dual umbrella holders, and a mesh basket and velour-lined pouch for additional storage.

MSRP: PX3 $249, PX4 $259, Website:

 ZNE Wedge shaft

Four years ago, Breakthrough Golf Technology revolutionized putting with its line of Stability Shafts for golfers of all handicap levels by returning the club face to square at impact for consistently straighter putts. Now the new ZNE Wedges will do the same for your short game. ZNE Wedges are built with patented technology, work with any wedge brand, no practice is required and they deliver incredible performance.

Testing shows the patented design of the ZNE Wedge Shaft redirects energy so efficiently over steel that:

  • 92 percent of golfers showed better distance control;
  • Over 90 percent had tighter shot dispersion;
  • 100 percent of golfers tested said it felt better than steel;
  • Tested to withstand all types of turf conditions, players and swing speeds;
  • Available online and in golf stores with a suggested retail price of $179.99.

PXG Sugar Daddy II Wedges

Sugar Daddy wedgePXG’s Sugar Daddy II wedges are the brainchild of Mike Nicolette, the company’s director of product creation since 2013. Nicolette spent 24 years with PING and developed a relentless passion for wedge design. The Sugar Daddy IIs feature 100 percent CNC-milled construction on top of a 3X forged base, making them one of the most beautifully wrought wedges on the market. Full-face groves and high-toe weighting combine with two grinds – BP and C – for soft or firm turf conditions.

MSRP: $449, Website:

PXG 0311 Irons

PXG ironsYes, we are doubling down on PXG for our gift ideas this season. The Scottsdale, Arizona-based company owned by GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons made a name for itself upon launching in 2014 with its technologically superior irons. Fast-forward to 2022, and the GEN 5 0311 series carries on that tradition and then some. The 0311s are offered in three clubhead options, T (minimal offset), P (moderate offset) and XP (significant offset), for golfers of varying skill levels.

MSRP: $449, Website:

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Featured image courtesy of John Rounds via Flickr, 2018.

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