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July 5, 2021

Dry Glove Anti-sweat Lotion Works in Field Test

Moisture on window by Victor Sounds

Antiperspirant Lotion Was Developed by Crimson Tide Golf Alum

Alabama Golf News recently tested Dry Glove, a lotion designed to prevent your golf glove from soaking with sweat. We concluded it does what its maker claims.

The product, developed by former Alabama Crimson Tide golfer Brad Nazzarini, is designed to prevent your hands from soaking your glove with sweat even on the hottest, humid days.

Dry Glove antiperspirant
Dry Glove keeps your glove from getting soaked with perspiration on a hot, humid day.

Alabama Golf News Editor Gregg Dewalt put the product to the test out on the course in Florence in late June on a day when the temperature was pushing 90 and the humidity hovered between 88 and 94 percent.

“Initially I was skeptical that Dry Glove would work, especially here in Alabama where the heat is oppressive and the humidity is at times unbearable,” Dewalt said. “I usually change back and forth between gloves every five of six holes on those really hot, humid days.”

Our Test of the Dry Glove Product

Alabama Golf News Editor Gregg Dewalt field-tested Dry Glove
Alabama Golf News Editor Gregg Dewalt

“I was curious to see if Dry Glove would actually work. I was really kind of stunned at how well it worked, especially for a lotion-type product,” he said.

“I only used one glove during a recent 89-degree day. The biggest thing is to make sure you use it not only in the palm and fingers, but also on the back of your glove hand,” he said.

The lotion extends the life of your golf glove, making your round more enjoyable, the company says. The lotion is also effective in other activities where dry hands are needed and gloves are used, including baseball and racquet sports.

The product is non-sticky, non-chalky, odorless and dries in seconds. The company says that users should apply a quarter-sized dollop of Dry Glove to the palm of the hand, rub it in for a few seconds until it disappears. Hands will stay dry for several hours, helping preserve expensive gloves.  The lotion can be reapplied as often as needed, the company says.

“Our goal was to develop a product that not only keeps golfer’s hands dry, but extends the life of expensive golf gloves and other sports gloves,” Nazzarini said.

The company’s antiperspirant lotion can be purchased online directly from the company, and on Amazon and eBay. The 1.75-ounce tubes retail for $11.99. Discounts are available for bulk and wholesale purchases.

Nazzarini played for the Crimson Tide under Coach Conrad Rehling in the early 1980s and was a teammate of veteran PGA Tour player Steve Lowery before graduating in 1985 with a degree in finance.

By Alabama Golf News Staff

Featured image: Victor Sounds via Flickr

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