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December 29, 2023

One in 5 golfers expects to play more in 2024

By Alabama Golf News Staff
NGF chart of survey of golfers on rounds in 2024

Eighteen percent of golfers – almost one in five – expect to play more in 2024, a survey by the National Golf Foundation has found.

The same survey found that three-quarters of all golfer plan to play about the same. Only seven percent expect to play fewer rounds in 2024, the NGF survey found.

The survey polled “core” golfers, a group that the NGF defines as those who play eight or more rounds in a year.

Previous NGF surveys have found that interest in off-course golf, such as Topgolf, has soared since the end of the Covid-19 pandemic. Such venues are seen as gateways to play on actual green-grass golf courses.

Among golfers surveyed, half (50 percent) indicated that they had not found it more difficult to get tee times. Another 30 percent said it’s only been a little more difficult, the NGF reported.

” Most respondents who said it was much more difficult to find tee times told us they just found other courses to play,” the NGF said. ” So, despite the occasional gripe you might hear from golfers about the difficulty in booking those weekend tee times, rounds demand doesn’t seem to have been lost as much as shifted around.”

The National Golf Foundation is an industry group that performs research and tracks industry trends for its members.

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