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July 14, 2023

Nantz, Chamblee top TV golf broadcaster poll

By Alabama Golf News Staff
Jim Nantz

Mickelson polls well as a future broadcaster

A poll of golf-industry insiders found that CBS golf announcer Jim Nantz is far and away their favorite TV golf personality followed, surprisingly, by Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee.

Tellingly, however, unlike Nantz, Chamblee had some strong negatives; half as many people as voted for him listed him as their least favorite broadcaster, according to the online poll conducted July 11 by Golf Power Poll.

Brandell CHamblee
Brandel Chamblee polled well as a TV golf analyst (Photo: Golf Channel)

The rest of the TV broadcasting field all polled in single digits, including David Feherty, Dottie Pepper, Trevor Immelman, Verne Lundquist, Paul Azinger, Paul McGinley and Dan Hicks.

Among past broadcasters, the clear favorite was Johnny Miller, followed by Peter Aliss.

Phil Mickelson was the choice of more than one in four people polled as their future favorite, although Lefty appeared to have been penalized for divisive statements he made during the early stages of the PGA Tour-LIV Golf feud.

“I used to think Phil Mickelson blew it, former Chicago Sun-Times golf writer Herb Gould told Golf Power Poll. “He could have followed Faldo, Johnny Miller and Venturi as the next great analyst. With hindsight, though, he really wasn’t that guy.”

Golf Power Poll July 11 online poll of golf industry insiders)
Source: Golf Power Poll July 11 online poll of golf industry insiders

As to Nantz’s dominance, respondents cited his ability to avoid stepping on landmines.

“Jim Nantz and Dan Hicks are above average air-traffic controllers but seldom tread on controversial or insightful subjects,” said J. Roger Graves, senior writer and editor for PGA Magazine. “On the opposite side of the spectrum, Brandel Chamblee provides thoughtful analysis, but is not asked to do so spontaneously while sitting in a booth in real time as players are grinding on the course.”

Chamblee isn’t afraid to stir things up and tell viewers what he really thinks. He rarely backs down from a fight, even with his cohorts from Frank Nobilo to Brad Faxon.

Ron Borges, the longtime Boston sportswriter, encapsulates Chamblee’s polarizing appeal: “I find Chamblee thought-provoking but sometimes he speaks like he thinks he’s Moses coming down from the mountain. An occasional bit of ‘there may be another side to this’ would be wise.”

Former CBS host Brent Musburger received the most unfavorable votes, ahead of NBC analyst Paul Azinger and former CBS second chair Nick Faldo.

Golf Power Poll asks questions of significant key players in American sports today. Its member list draws on people from media, and team and league management. It is not a scientific survey, but the results afford a glimpse into the thoughts, opinions, and beliefs of those who know most about the sport. The survey was sent to 469 members and 141 responded.

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