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August 28, 2020

Crimson Tide Alum Developed Dry Glove

Dry Glove antiperspirant

Antiperspirant Lotion Keeps Hands Dry, Even in Humid Weather

Tired of sweating to the point that your golf glove is soaked through and you lose your grip on the club? Then, Dry Glove, a new antiperspirant lotion, is for you.

Developed by former University of Alabama golfer Brad Nazzarini, Dry Glove lotion applied to your hands keeps them sweat-free for hours.

Nazzarini played for the Crimson Tide under Coach Conrad Rehling in the early 1980s and was a teammate of veteran PGA Tour player Steve Lowery before graduating in 1985 with a degree in finance.

The lotion extends the life of your golf glove and making your round more enjoyable. The lotion is also effective in other activities where dry hands are needed and gloves are used, including baseball and racquet sports, the company says.

Dry Glove Site Offers Testimonials

On its website, Dry Glove USA cites this testimonial from from Steve K. of Memphis:

“I used Dry Glove this summer when it was 95 and humid which is the norm here in Memphis.  My buddies went through three or four gloves with the wet ones hanging on the cart to dry while I used one glove for the entire round.”

You can use the lotion on your feet. “Wow!  This lotion is really awesome!  My feet bottoms sweat when wearing shoes with no socks.  I tried Dry Glove on the bottom of my feet and now they don’t sweat and ruin my innersoles,” said Kay of Denver in her testimonial to the product.

The product is non-sticky, non-chalky, odorless and dries in seconds. The company says that users should apply a quarter-sized dollop of Dry Glove to the palm of the hand, rub it in for a few seconds and that the product disappears. Hands will stay dry for several hours, helping preserve expensive gloves.  The lotion can be reapplied as often as needed., the company says.

“Our goal was to develop a product that not only keeps golfer’s hands dry, but extends the life of expensive golf gloves and other sports gloves,” Nazzarini said.

The lotion works just as well for any sport requiring dry hands and the use of gloves, including racquetball, baseball, tennis, pickleball, weightlifting, hockey, cycling and others.

The company’s antiperspirant lotion can be purchased online from the company, and on Amazon and eBay. The 1.75-ounce tubes retail for $11.99. Discounts are available for bulk and wholesale purchases.

By Alabama Golf News Staff

Featured image collage: Dan Vukelich

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