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June 1, 2022

2022 Father’s Day Golf Gift Guide, Part 1

By AGN Staff
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Plenty of gift options for the golfer in your life

With the onset of a new golf year comes the insatiable desire for new gear. We’ve all dealt with supply chain issues and long lead times for ordering clubs, balls, apparel and just about any sort of golf gear.

To get ahead of the game, here’s our 2022 Father’s Day Golf Gift Guide for forwarding to loved ones, golf buddies, or (why not!) your inbox.

Our first installment features equipment and related items. The second will feature apparel, accessories and destinations.

FlightScope Mevo

Flight Scope Mevo Father's Day gift guide
Flight Scope Mevo was among the first monitors to be affordable to consumers.

As the prevailing wisdom goes these days, you need a launch monitor if you want to practice with a purpose. Historically, the price points for these treasure troves of swing data kept 99.9% of golfers out of the market. The 0.1%? Those were the TOUR players who could afford $20K TrackMan monitors. FlightScope was one of the first companies to bring these devices down to earth, and its Mevo model is downright affordable by any golfer’s standards. Retailing for $500, Mevo measures eight different data parameters, including carry distance, spin rate, club speed, ball speed, vertical launch, smash factor, apex and flight time. Start-up and use is a cinch; simply download the app, power up and sync the Mevo, and boom, data galore.

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Enhanced OnCore ELIXR

Oncore Elixr
The Elixr offers reduced side spin off the driver.

Like OnCore’s original three-piece ball, the enhanced ELIXR uses perimeter weighting for greater accuracy and reduced side spin off the driver. A unique polybutadiene core delivers an outstanding coefficient of restitution for higher ball speed, resulting in more carry and roll. Additionally, a slightly firmer cover with a 350-dimple pattern (up from 318) and mid-compression ball specification delivers a pure feel off the club face and gives the ELIXR superior greenside control, durability and unmatched performance in its category. The new ELIXR retails for $29.99 per dozen with additional discounts available to loyalty members and for bulk purchases.

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Bushnell Rangefinder

Gift Guide Main
The Tour V5 Patriot is simple to use.

Few brands outside of Titleist have been as dominant on the PGA TOUR as Bushnell. Its laser rangefinders have long been accepted as the benchmark for accuracy, ease of use and longevity, all backed by a category-leading warranty. And no Bushnell laser rangefinder drives this fact home quite like the Tour v5 Patriot. The Tour V5 Patriot is Bushnell at its category-leading best. Easy to unbox, simple to start up and sporting a sleek-yet-powerful design that is sure to get more than a few looks from your playing partners. Distance is displayed on the screen as soon as the button is released (in either yards or meters). It also features Bushnell’s PinSeeker technology that helps it lock onto the pin.

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Arccos Next GEN Smart Sensors

Arccos Smart Sensors Gift Guide
Arccos Smart Sensors use automatic shot tracking technology.

Golfers looking to better understand their game and improve faster will benefit most from the next generation of Smart Sensors launched today by Arccos Golf. The latest Smart Sensors (Gen3+) feature new automatic shot tracking technology powered by A.I. machine learning that tightly integrates Arccos hardware and software to pinpoint a player’s shots more accurately. The advanced technology has been developed over the past three years by Arccos data scientists and engineers, after analyzing more than 500 million shots hit using Arccos sensors in 194 countries worldwide.

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Sun Mountain PX3 and PX4

Sun Mountain PX3 Gift Guide
. The PX3 retails for $249.

Sun Mountain’s flagship PX3 and PX4 push carts have made a huge splash with members of #pushcartmafia. Offering improvements on the company’s past Pathfinder models, PX3 and PX4 feature advancements like a new handle and accessory tray, while retaining the main benefits of smaller folded size and easy opening. The PX3 and PX4 retail for $249 and $259, respectively. Additional enhancements on both models we loved: a continuous handle for pushing with one hand, an accessory console that holds balls, tees, scorecard and mobile phone, a mobile phone holder with a slot for a charging plug, dual umbrella holders, and a mesh basket and velour-lined pouch for additional storage.

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Cleveland CBX Zipcore

Cleveland CBX Zipcore gift guide
The club’s ultra-wide sole helps the clubhead slide through the grass.

The CBX Zipcore is a cavity-back wedge that offers many of the same benefits of a player-improvement iron. Its decidedly larger profile delivers a high-level of comfort as golfers set up for full, pitch and chip shots. The club’s ultra-wide sole helps the clubhead slide through the grass like a knife through butter and reduces both chunks and skulls, according to Cleveland. Cleveland’s Ultzip Groves are sharper, deeper and packed closer together than on traditional wedges to the point there are two additional groves. And based on testing from a variety of equipment testing services impart just as much spin as their blade brethren.

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Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Hy-Wood

Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Hy-Wood Gift guide
The 3+ Launcher XL Halo Hy-Wood features 18 degrees of loft.

Cleveland Golf have challenged this limitation with the Launcher XL Halo Hy-Wood, which unabashedly offers the best of both worlds in terms of looks and performance. Engineered for golfers who struggle to hit their fairway woods off tight lies or make clean contact with a ball snuggled down in the rough, the Launcher XL Halo Hy-Wood is quickly becoming the workhorse of many golf bags. The 3+ Launcher XL Halo Hy-Wood features 18 degrees of loft, more than ample for settling comfortably into the role of a 5-wood. According to Cleveland, its head is noticeably bigger than your typical hybrid, and its size creates a higher moment of inertia for more stability at impact. There are three guide rails along the sole of the club to help keep the face square during impact and run smoothly over any surface.

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Srixon ZX Hybrid

Srixon ZX Hybrid
Srixon’s Rebound frame makes the ZX forgiving for mid- to high-handicappers.

Cleveland / Srixon made industry waves with the addition of Brooks Koepka to its PGA TOUR player lineup late last year. Fast-forward to 2022 and the tried-and-true OEM combo is cranking out innovative hybrids that are making some seriously loud noise in this up-for-grabs category. The company’s latest iteration, the ZX, is a beautifully-wrought club that’s both compact and powerful. At address, it cuts a regal profile that will appeal to better players. But Srixon’s Rebound Frame makes the ZX an incredibly forgiving hybrid for mid- to high-handicappers. It’s also competitively priced at $229.99, making it a viable option for players on reasonable new-club budget. The ZX is offered in lofts 2-6 (16-28 degrees) and available with either a Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black or Project X Evenflow Riptide shaft.

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2Thumb Octotech Grip

2Thumb Octotech Grip
The 2Thumb Grip is the original flat-top grip first introduced in 2004.

2Thumb Grip, The Original Flat Top Grip since 2004, recently introduced its new OCTOTECH Grip.  This 8-sided grip has been specifically designed to fit perfectly into the natural shape of a golfer’s hands while delivering the ultimate feel and feedback from every stroke you make. It’s the perfect combination with Dimax technology offering traction when needed down both sides of the grip and a smooth soft-touch front. The non-tapered design, available in either 36 or 43MM width, helps promote even grip pressure across both hands and reduces potential wrist action. The OCTOTECH Grip accommodates all of today’s grip styles, from Conventional, Claw, Left Hand Low, Prayer, etc.

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Towel Tag

Toweltag Gift Guide
The TowelTag is designed to temporarily secure a golf towel without using grommets or hooks.

The Towel Tag utilizes “Pull-Thru Technology” to create an entirely new generation of functional bag tags. Designed to temporarily secure a golf towel without using grommets or hooks, each tag is manufactured using two separate compounds to create a functional bag tag with maximum durability. They’re ideal for temporary storage of golf towels, head covers, rain gear, and outdoor and layered clothing. Each Towel & Tag Combo includes a tour-sized microfiber golf towel, a customized Towel Tag featuring “Pull-Thru Technology” along with functional packaging.

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