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March 10, 2024

Old Course adds new singles daily lottery

By Alabama Golf News Staff
Old Course St. Andrews, international golf travel

Golfers looking to secure a coveted tee time on the Old Course at St. Andrews will have the opportunity to enter a new singles daily draw, offering a modern and equitable digital solution to its in-person singles queuing system.

The Old Course Singles Daily Draw will be introduced on March 12, giving golfers the chance of securing a tee time by joining with existing groups of two or three pre-booked golfers.

The daily draw requires individual golfers to enter their details in person at the Old Pavilion next to the first tee of the Old Course, or St Andrews Links Clubhouse between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. the day before they wish to play. A randomized draw will then take place at 5 p.m. with golfers being notified by SMS message and email whether they have been allocated a tee time for the following day without the need to queue for lengthy periods before dawn on the day or play, which has been the method for hopefuls previousy shut out of a chane at a tee time.

The new digital system will replace the previous practice of golfers queuing outside the starter’s hut prior to play, which was formalized in the 1990s to cater for single walk-ons to the Starter. Over the past decade numbers have grown to such an extent that many golfers were queuing overnight for upwards of 12 hours, often in inclement conditions, in the hope of being offered a tee time.

Neil Coulson, chief executive of St Andrews Links Trust, said: “We are excited to introduce the new digital solution for the Old Course Singles Daily Draw, which makes securing a tee time as a single golfer at the Home of Golf safer, more equitable and ultimately a more enjoyable experience.

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Featured image of the Old Coursse courtesy of the St. Andrews Trust

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