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February 24, 2024

Where’s Amanda Balionis’s wedding ring?

By Alabama Golf News Staff
Amanda Balionis

Inquiring golf fans’ minds want to know: What happened to Amanda Balionis Renner’s wedding ring.

The CBS Sports golf and NFL interviewer set off a blizzard of social media speculation when she appeared on the network’s broadcast of the Genesis Invitational while not wearing a wedding ring.

In 2022, Balionis married Bryn Renner, a former University of North Carolina quarterback who had a brief career in the NFL. Balionis had been seen wearing her wedding ring on images coming out of the Superbowl in Las Vegas the week before.

Dozens of sports websites and blogs picked up on the missing wedding ring after its absence was first detected by golf fans.

“A photo posted on her Instagram, featuring an interview with golfers Hideki Matsuyama and Rory McIlroy, drew comments from fans questioning the absence of her ring,” reported the wesbite.
She is a fan favorite with hundreds of thousands of followers on her social media accounts.
“‘Where’s your wedding ring?’ one fan wrote, the website The Spun wrote.

“‘Great job Amanda, hope all is well in your camp, No beautiful ring on your finger, hope all is okay,’ one fan added,” the website reported.

“Both her Instagram and X accounts still have her account name as “Amanda Balionis Renner,” the New York Post reported.
“Since the questions emerged this weekend, Balionis has not given any hints as to her marital status, keeping to her Instagram profile strictly business,” the Post reported.
Amanda Balionis Renner has also been a sidelines reporter at NFL games for CBS Sports.
“Amanda hasn’t responded to the speculation regarding her marriage, but both of her IG accounts are still under the name “Amanda Balionis Renner,” the website TotalProSports.comreported.

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Featured image courtesy of CBS Sports

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